niedziela, 26 czerwca 2011


Good afternoon!

 CocoMoco Miniatures are now moving to:

Hope, you will enjoy the new site!
Hotazuru x

piątek, 10 czerwca 2011

The box project is finished!

I'm so happy!
Today I worked on my cake box projects. It has taken an hour to finish them, but I'm really satisfied of the end result.
I was long thinking about the colours, and in one moment it enlightened me. To my works perfectly fit beige and an dirty pink tone. Just see and tell me, how you like them!

The plain box template is from Carol's blog, True2Scale. Carol is a wonderfully talented graphic, miniaturist, and a big inspiration for me.
 More infos soon!
Hotazuru x

środa, 11 maja 2011

New idea

 Good afternoon everyone!
It has gone so much time, since I've posted here. I were very busy, but, sadly, not with miniatures. But now, I have started again, and have an idea.
Short time ago to my doors arrived my first mini table. I am so proud on it, not only because it is my first wooden furniture object. It will be also set in my first roombox!
I was thinking long, what will the roombox be, and, then I was enlightened! A miniature-adaptation of Dolores' Umbridge office in the Ministry of Magic would be perfect and great fun to make! So, I've started.
The first thing I make now is arranging the desk of the lady. I've started making candles, a new, pink teapot and much of papers, newspapers, leaflets, letters and so on. I think I will add more, much more to it, but it needs time, time and time.
See how the work's going:

 The quality of the photos isn't the best, but they were done very quickly, because the arrangement changes very often.

Soon more!
Hotazuru xXx

czwartek, 17 marca 2011

Give aways

Lara, a great artisan has made up an give away. The prize is a fantastic chest of drawers. See the images of it, made by the creator:

If you will be drawn into this giveaway, visit her blog for more information. 

Peggy, a fantastic miniaturist, posted on her blog a giveaway too. The gifts are lovely!

For further information, visit Peggy's blog. 

Caroline, an incredible artisan has posted a giveaway too! You can win one of her cakes. That's a big gift, so don't forget to draw you into her giveaway too! 

For more information, click the button! 

Hotazuru x

środa, 9 marca 2011

New, tiny delights

 Hello everyone!
Last weeks were so busy! I couldn't create much, so I have only my new, 2 minis. Hope you will like them.

Brownies on a metal tray. Didn't have time to make the tray looking a little bit better! 
... and, as always, some freshly baked bread, but this time on a preparation tray.

 For friends which don't know, I have a Flickr account. You can add me and follow my newest photo updates! 

See you soon, mini hugs!

niedziela, 20 lutego 2011

Giveaway from Oiseau

The wonderfully talented artisan, Oiseau, posted a giveaway on her blog. The gifts are stunning, and could be often used by making miniatures.
For more info visit her blog:

Le Petit Monde d'Oiseau

Good luck!

piątek, 11 lutego 2011

Marie Antoinette

This film was so inspiring! 
I've seen it short time ago, and the first thought was to make so sweets like the ones served to Marie Antoinette! In my plans are so cakes, cookies, cupcakes and religieuse.
And now sit and enjoy more photos: