niedziela, 20 lutego 2011

Giveaway from Oiseau

The wonderfully talented artisan, Oiseau, posted a giveaway on her blog. The gifts are stunning, and could be often used by making miniatures.
For more info visit her blog:

Le Petit Monde d'Oiseau

Good luck!

piątek, 11 lutego 2011

Marie Antoinette

This film was so inspiring! 
I've seen it short time ago, and the first thought was to make so sweets like the ones served to Marie Antoinette! In my plans are so cakes, cookies, cupcakes and religieuse.
And now sit and enjoy more photos:

wtorek, 8 lutego 2011

Tea time!

This teapots were created from polymer clay by me yesterday and today. Hope you will like them.

An old styled kitchen copper teapot

Dining room copper teapot

Traditional ceramic teapot...

...and a turkey!


piątek, 4 lutego 2011

New creations

Good morning everyone!
Today I wanna share with you some of my newest creations. Most of them are for the Valentines Day, but some aren't for it. Hope you will like them ^^

A chocolate cake for every lover of this delicate sweet.

A Valentines Day breakfast on a red tray...

...and some pancakes.

My next creations are coming soon.
Hotazuru xXx

środa, 2 lutego 2011

Fresh from the oven

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I've made my first miniatures using Fimo. All I can say is, that Fimo is much better than modelling clay. Hope I will be better with time.

It's my first try with chalk pastels. I didn't have the right colours, but I will buy them next time.

I have to practice shooting photos...
Next ones coming soon!
  Hotazuru xxx