czwartek, 17 marca 2011

Give aways

Lara, a great artisan has made up an give away. The prize is a fantastic chest of drawers. See the images of it, made by the creator:

If you will be drawn into this giveaway, visit her blog for more information. 

Peggy, a fantastic miniaturist, posted on her blog a giveaway too. The gifts are lovely!

For further information, visit Peggy's blog. 

Caroline, an incredible artisan has posted a giveaway too! You can win one of her cakes. That's a big gift, so don't forget to draw you into her giveaway too! 

For more information, click the button! 

Hotazuru x

środa, 9 marca 2011

New, tiny delights

 Hello everyone!
Last weeks were so busy! I couldn't create much, so I have only my new, 2 minis. Hope you will like them.

Brownies on a metal tray. Didn't have time to make the tray looking a little bit better! 
... and, as always, some freshly baked bread, but this time on a preparation tray.

 For friends which don't know, I have a Flickr account. You can add me and follow my newest photo updates! 

See you soon, mini hugs!