środa, 11 maja 2011

New idea

 Good afternoon everyone!
It has gone so much time, since I've posted here. I were very busy, but, sadly, not with miniatures. But now, I have started again, and have an idea.
Short time ago to my doors arrived my first mini table. I am so proud on it, not only because it is my first wooden furniture object. It will be also set in my first roombox!
I was thinking long, what will the roombox be, and, then I was enlightened! A miniature-adaptation of Dolores' Umbridge office in the Ministry of Magic would be perfect and great fun to make! So, I've started.
The first thing I make now is arranging the desk of the lady. I've started making candles, a new, pink teapot and much of papers, newspapers, leaflets, letters and so on. I think I will add more, much more to it, but it needs time, time and time.
See how the work's going:

 The quality of the photos isn't the best, but they were done very quickly, because the arrangement changes very often.

Soon more!
Hotazuru xXx